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About Us: Byzas Tools "Manglam tradings"

Welcome to Manglam Tradings, the home of quality hand tools and lubricating equipment under the esteemed brand name **Byzas**. With a rich legacy since 2000, we are a Ludhiana-based company committed to delivering excellence. Boasting over 20 years of experience, our expertise extends globally, making us a trusted importer and exporter of hand tools in Ludhiana.

Our Global Presence
Our commitment to quality and precision has earned us acclaim across continents. The acceptance of our products' quality and packaging resonates in Latin American countries, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. At Manglam Tradings, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships, offering premium services at competitive prices. Over the years, we have tirelessly worked to establish a robust global presence, winning the confidence of buyers worldwide.

Our Core Values
At Manglam Tradings, we believe in the success of our customers. Our focus on customer satisfaction has driven us to provide top-notch products, quality customer service, and on-time delivery at competitive prices. "The Customer's Success is Our Success" is not just a motto but a guiding principle that fuels our dedication.
Products and Services

Hand Tools
Discover a comprehensive range of hand tools that simplify tasks and enhance efficiency. As the leading exporter of hand tools in Ludhiana, Byzas ensures top-notch quality and diverse options. Our hand tools include:

- Spanners: Double open end spanner, combination open & ring end spanner, bi-hexagon ring spanner, cross wheel spanner, and more.
- Wheel Spanners: Explore a variety of wheel spanners, including cross wheel spanners and those with a tommy bar.
- Pliers, Pipe Wrenches, Vices: Essential tools for various applications.
- Grease Guns, Oil Cans, Foot Pump: A wide selection available in different sizes.

Lubricating Tools & Equipment
Keep your machinery running smoothly with our premium lubricating tools and equipment. Our range includes:
- Grease Guns: Efficient and reliable grease dispensing.
- Suction Gun, Caulking Gun: Versatile tools for various lubrication needs.
- Transfer Pump: Ideal for transferring fluids.
- Oil Cans, Grease Nipples, Spouts/Couplers: Essential accessories for lubrication.
- Foot Air Pump: An easy and convenient solution for inflation.
- Major Equipment: Explore rotary pumps, hand lever action drum pumps, hand pumps with plastic bodies, and more.
All our products are available in various sizes to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Contact Us
Ready to grow together? Contact us for inquiries or collaboration at:
Address: # B019-1401A-55, Plot No. 72-A, Ashok Vihar, Near Rishi Nagar Telephone Exchange Ludhiana-141001
Email: byzasexports@gmail.com
Phone: +91-9872807998
Website: https://byzastools.com/
Let's build a better future together with Byzas Tools – Your Trusted Partner in Hand Tools and Lubricating Equipment.

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